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“Worship, The Way to Power”

Psalm 122:1 states, “I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the Lord’s house.”

Some years ago, I preached a sermon on the theme, “Worship, the Way to Power.” One of my confirmation students, who attended worship regularly, wrote the following outline of the high points of that sermon, as an assignment. I would like to share her observations of that sermon.

“Worship, The Way to Power”

Main Points:
Our appreciation of the value of worship needs to be raised.
We look at the time that is spent worshiping as lost time, we need to re-evaluate this idea.
No believer can read the old or new testament and not believe that worship is a necessity.
Worship causes a change of views which is vital.
Views are changed when we worship, from partial to perfect.
We must realize that Christ gave himself for us, God really must love us.
The act of worship is the deep experience of being in the presence of God.
Things are different today than they were yesterday, things will be different tomorrow than they were today.
We need the challenge of worship because we haven’t been challenged enough.
One of the only absolutes in this world is God.

As Pastor, I was so impressed with what stuck with her, concerning the sermon, on that given Sunday. I was especially impressed with her summary thought, “To live in a great 

way starts in worship.” My thought was that if a young person can so clearly see that point, why can’t we ALL see it, we who call ourselves Christian.

Worship attendance is the most vital sign of a dynamic and growing church. The year before I began my ministry, with the members and friends of Fennimore United Methodist Church, in 1999, the average weekly attendance was 128. In 2014, the average weekly attendance was 193. To me that is a most impressive statistic, and speaks well of a growing, vital, and
dynamic church. Of course we always have a few members who don’t come for health
reasons, gone away to school, or live a distance away. However, I always wonder about all those members who just never attend worship, knowing that worship is so very important to the Christian.

In Christian love and genuine caring, I invite those who don’t come regularly to come back, knowing as my confirmation student observed, “to live in a great way starts in worship.” With all my heart, I believe that to be true.

Even for those who do not regularly attend because they don’t care for the pastor, at the end of June, the spiritual leader of the church will be a different person, so come back to worship, and start anew.

CH_ _ CH What’s missing? U R

Worship is truly the way to true spiritual power in your life. Keep coming, or start to come again!

The present pastor, for a few more months,
Rev. Duane E. Andrus

About Rev. Duane Andrus

Rev. Duane E. Andrus is a native of Wisconsin. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. He holds a master of Divinity Degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. He holds a Master of Arts degree, with Evangelism and Church Growth Emphasis, from Scarritt College for Christian Workers, Nashville, Tennessee. His special training in evangelism has brought many interesting experiences, including being appointed by a Wisconsin Conference Bishop to be a delegate to a world evangelism conference. He has conducted workshops on evangelism, and church growth, and served in several leadership capacities, in the area of evangelism, in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been the Lead Pastor at Fennimore United Methodist Church since 1999.

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