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Dear To The Heart Of God

Please read-John 3:16

Sometimes we wonder if God really loves us.  There are so many things in life that make us question it.  Disappointment, heartaches, injustices, failures—all sometimes make us doubt the love of God.

But when we go to the Bible for an answer to our doubts, the one verse which gives us our assurance, that we are dear to the heart of God, is John 3:16.

Martin Luther called this verse the “Little Gospel.”  Well might we write it upon the walls of our minds, engrave it into the innermost precincts of our hearts, and keep it with us in our daily labors. This is the one verse above all others which Christians should commit to memory.  It is our greatest hope.

The wonder of this gospel is not that God loved the world, but that God loved it with so great a love, a love which was fully interpreted in the death of an only son.  Through this death we begin to understand God’s great love for us, and begin to see that which can make us whole.

Of course mystery shrouds the atonement.  I do not understand completely how the death of Christ can bring new life to me.  But I understand enough to find that which gives color to my living, which brings strength to my life, which places within my heart an eternal hope, and give new meaning to all my days.

As Christians we confidently live in the hope that Easter brings.  We are assured that life springs forth  from death.  Indeed we believe ourselves to be resurrected ones.   My prayer is that you will again feel the surge of renewed life, that the living Christ brings to us.  Not only on Easter Sunday, but every day.  Perhaps you will resolve to live the life of hope and renewing love, and come and specifically celebrate it with us all, every Sunday of the year.


Your Pastor,

Rev, Duane E. Andrus

About Rev. Duane Andrus

Rev. Duane E. Andrus is a native of Wisconsin. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. He holds a master of Divinity Degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. He holds a Master of Arts degree, with Evangelism and Church Growth Emphasis, from Scarritt College for Christian Workers, Nashville, Tennessee. His special training in evangelism has brought many interesting experiences, including being appointed by a Wisconsin Conference Bishop to be a delegate to a world evangelism conference. He has conducted workshops on evangelism, and church growth, and served in several leadership capacities, in the area of evangelism, in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been the Lead Pastor at Fennimore United Methodist Church since 1999.

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