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Questions and Answers With “The Associate”

1. How old am I?
39 in May. I was going to give a long complex answer but I decided to stay with the short and simple

2. Am I married or have I been married?
No, I haven’t been. My luck just isn’t there when it comes to this love stuff but I’m working on it.

3. How did I find myself in the ministry?
I’ve always been part of the church since birth. When I was a teenager I thought about joining the ministry but went to a public school instead. After school, I returned home to work which only reinforced the position that I should become a pastor since many of my co-workers said I was really “pastor-like” or pious like a pastor. After working for 4 years I finally signed up for the ministry class and found myself at Garrett Evangelical by Chicago. My first appoint was a Peace UMC in Green Bay in 2013.

4. What does an associate pastor do the whole day?
This is a good question. Some Associate Pastors are also youth or young adult pastors. Some others focus on music or entertainment. In my case, my role is to support Pastor Bud and the leaders of Youth Impact as well as Sunday School. I also preach every Sunday either at Stitzer or Fennimore Church (or sometimes both) every Sunday. I also do the jobs that Pastor Bud cannot do due to time or distance difficulties. I also teach sermons at Orchard Manor, involve myself in other church and community events, and visit shut-ins whenever possible. I’m also at the church from 9-12 AM Tuesday through Thursday every week though I will be at Stitzer from 9-12 AM every Wednesday. I’m sure there are still many jobs and duties I have yet to discover as time goes on.

5. What do you like to do outside of church? What do you do in your free time?
I like to walk especially during the warmer months of the year. Fishing is also a sport I enjoy and look forward to every spring. I also enjoy motorsports especially Indy Car and Sports Car racing. Watching movies and traveling are also two of my favorite things to do as well. If we meet and you have a question for me please do ask! As long as the question is appropriate I will probably answer it.

Pastor Yang

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