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“Are We Following God’s Plan?”

In her book, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way, Lysa Terkeurst writes: Genesis tells us that the human heart was created in the perfection of the garden of Eden. Can you imagine what the world looked like when God first created it? When He said it was all good. Very good. And it was all perfect.

Perfection’s symphony filled the atmosphere. Everything ebbed and flowed in complete
harmony. It sang with the richest tones. And danced with ridiculous precision. There was nothing that didn’t look right or feel right. It was beautiful and peaceful and fulfilling. There was perfect peace in relationships. Adam and Eve were so beautifully connected to each other, and they lived in the perfect presence of God. It was paradise where God would interact in direct relationship with Adam and Eve. There was perfect provision and perfect fulfillment of their purpose. There was no sadness or confusion or injustice. There was no disease or divorce or depression or death. There were no misaligned motives, no manipulations, no malicious intentions. It was everything you could ever dream up and then so much more than that. So the human heart was created in the context of the perfection of the garden of Eden. But we don’t live there now.

Because Satan entered the picture. In the Garden of Eden, God said that Adam and Eve should not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But then the serpent changes the words and then Eve got alone with her own thoughts and assumptions and it led her to doubt God. And take control to get what she wanted. What she thought was best. Genesis 3:6 says, “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some…”

Then she ate it. And gave some to Adam, who was with her and who also saw that Eve didn’t die when she touched it, so he ate some. And sin entered in. Perfection ended.

But here’s the good news: even when we follow in Eve’s footsteps, when we disobey God, when we try to take control and make assumptions and misunderstand God on every level, God still has a plan.

A few weeks ago, I was fishing at Beaver Creek (Miller Dam – I fished here with my Grandpa Starks a lot growing up and hadn’t been there in years) and had not caught a thing in the first hour or so. All of a sudden, my bobber went down and my pole bent, and I knew I had something big. It fought and fought and finally got it close to shore and it was a…. bullhead, ugh! Plus, it had swallowed my hook. I laid it on the shore and walked to my truck (it was close) to get a pliers and as I came back, I noticed that the bullhead must have somehow wrapped itself up in some lakeweed. As I got closer the lakeweed started to move… it was not lakeweed but a snake! It had wrapped itself around the bullhead and the bullhead’s tail was in the snake’s mouth. What was I to do? My first reaction was to just cut the line and put a new hook on but then the bullhead would have the hook in its mouth. So, as I walked (very slowly) closer, the snake saw me and took off. Whew! I got the hook out, let the bullhead back in the lake, it swam away (and on its way it poked its head out and said “Thank you”). Ok, the last part isn’t true, but I am sure the bullhead was thankful!

I believe this is a good comparison to life. In our everyday life, we face all kinds of disappointments and decisions and choices and we hopefully try to do the right thing. But then we let our guard down and Satan attacks and tries to wrap himself around us. However, when Satan sees that we are trusting in and turning to God, Satan flees knowing that he has no power over God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

We need to pray for the ability to follow God’s plan. Show kindness rather than anger, love rather than hate, forgiveness rather than bitterness. Walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us. Amen.

Pastor Bud

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