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“Take Heart”

I recently attended The Global Leadership Summit (Continuing Education).  There were numerous speakers and they offered a lot of insight and resources.  One of the speakers was Bear Grylls.  He is an adventurer and his recent devotional, Soul Fuel, describes him as:  “From being one of the youngest climbers to scale Mount Everest to crossing the Arctic Ocean in an inflatable boat, these are just some of the amazing adventures Bear Grylls has undertaken in his incredible life.  Yet what you might not know is that wherever he is in the world – whether inside an ice cave or forging through a jungle – Bear starts each day on his knees, looking to his faith for the fuel to attack the day ahead.  He leads an exciting life but the one adventure that is closest to Bear’s heart is his personal journey with Jesus Christ.”
Bear shared this story at the Summit.  He was a British soldier and wanted to become a member of the British Special Forces.  He applied and was accepted, one of 90 who had to endure a rigorous 9-month training.  He thought he could do it but was sent home after a couple of weeks.  Not to be deterred, he focused on his weaknesses and when the time came, he reapplied and again was accepted.  Another 90 were chosen for the 9-month training.  He made it farther this time and near the end of the training they had to climb a treacherous mountain and it took everything they had to get through.  They reached the summit and far below they could see the lights of the trucks that were there to pick them up.  This meant a warm meal, showers and a good night’s sleep.  They were sore, scraped up, had callouses and were at the point of exhaustion.  They made their way down the mountain, the sight of the trucks giving them renewed energy.  They reached the trucks but as they got there, the trucks started pulling away and they were ordered to go back over the mountain.  Some of the remaining soldiers fell, quitting right there and refusing to go back over the mountain.  They had had enough.  The remaining soldiers started back up the mountain, going about 200 meters when they were commanded to return to where the trucks had been.  As they approached, they heard and saw the trucks returning.  They were then told that the trucks were there for them all along, but they were being tested to see who had the heart and stamina to go back over the mountain.  The others that had quit had been so close; if they had just kept on instead of giving up at the threshold.  Bear Grylls and three others from the group went on to be selected:  4 out of 90!

Bear says: “I will always remember the first SAS officer I ever met saying to me, ‘Everyone who
attempts Selection has the basic mark-one body:  two arms, two legs, one head, and one pumping set of lungs.  What makes the difference between those who make it and those who don’t is what goes on in here,’ he said, touching his chest.  ‘Heart… that is what makes the big difference.  Only you know if you have got what it takes.’”

“Years later, I’m grateful for those lessons, and I’m still learning.  But to keep going in your own strength will always be finite and flawed.  The key to enduring for me was knowing there was a Presence beside and within me that was edging me on, helping me stand, keeping me moving.”

Jesus is this Presence: “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).  How we respond to the promises of Jesus over our lives changes everything.  Are we willing to trust?  Are we willing to let Jesus within?  Will you allow Jesus to give you strength?  Take heart, Jesus is there for us!  Will you open your heart to Jesus today?

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