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March 26, 2020

“Sometimes it isn’t until we get knocked down that we find which way is up. Sometimes it isn’t until the sky clouds over that we notice the light. And sometimes it isn’t until we lie in the gutter that we begin to see the stars.
The light of God has been the greatest source of hope this world has ever known. We can never be so far away that the light won’t reach us. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of that. Hope will always win, and the light of Christ reaches everywhere.” (Soul Fuel)
Those big doors clanked shut as the squad car rolled through. It wasn’t so much the sound that got to me as the reminder that I would not see the outside for 8 years. I did not know anyone. I no longer had a name. I was a number and had to remember that number. DO NOT put your name on your clothes and belongings. Only your number. I still remember that number after all these years. Stamped on my clothes. Stamped on my belongings. Stamped on my mind but fought to have it stamped on my heart. I was afraid of the future, so many doubts, and most of all, I was all alone… or so I thought.
“However difficult our situations may be – however much trouble we are facing in life – there can always be hope. Hope transcends everything: every pain, sorrow, fear, and loss. Hope is the light to the dark, the comfort to the pain.
Hope comes from knowing God’s love for you. We might not feel very hopeful of anything, but His hope is out there – close. Just look for it. Trust it. Even a tiny glimmer is enough. Great fires are started from tiny embers. Just hold on and look up. Hope through the pain and through the doubts. Have faith and know that faith and doubt are simply two sides of the same coin. You will have many doubts. Don’t worry. Accept them and know that faith must be close by. Whatever we face, He faces it beside us. He will never desert us.” (Bear Grylls)
“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)
I know because I wasn’t alone. I had hope and God’s promise that God will never desert us.
Take heart. All will be well. We can never be so far away that the light won’t reach us.

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