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July 29, 2020

Overwhelmed? The definition for overwhelmed is to be overcome completely in mind or feeling. Another definition is to bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something, as water, debris, or an avalanche; to be submerged. The waves overwhelmed and submerged the small boat. In so many ways, we can be like that small boat. Life seems to be crashing down us, suffocating us and overwhelming us, drowning us. This is when we need to surrender… to God.
“What is drowning? The losing of one’s life. What is spiritual drowning? Allowing that life to be consumed by the Current. Allowing the Living Water to fill your lungs and take over everything inside of you. To fill all that is within. Thoughts, passions, loves, desires, dreams, hopes. To have it fill your life. And then to allow the desire to care for and love others drown out the desire to serve only yourself.
Meeting a drowned soul is a rare occurrence in life. But when you are embraced by one who has fully given his or her life over to God, allowing God to direct it however God wants, you never forget it. Giving ourselves to God is different than believing in God. It is different than trying to please God. This is different than trusting in God for our salvation. This is forfeiting control and allowing God to guide.
This is not simply believing that there is a River that runs through our city. This is not just drinking from that River. This is jumping in and allowing the Waters to carry you to the next city where you can love, and serve, and carry out buckets of Water to the thirsty. Jump in. And as the great musician Maxwell might say, ‘Let’s drown deep’ in Love.” (Charles Lattimore Howard, Pond River Ocean Rain)
“As the Lord God was creating the world he called upon his archangels. The Lord asked his archangels to help him decide where to put the Secret of Life.
‘Bury it in the ground,’ one angel replied. ‘Put it on the bottom of the sea,’ said another. ‘Hide it in the mountains,’ another suggested.
The Lord replied, ‘If I see to do any of those only a few will find the Secret of Life. The Secret of Life must be accessible to EVERYONE!’
One angel replied, ‘I know: put it in each person’s heart. Nobody will think to look there.’ ‘Yes!’ said the Lord. ‘Within each person’s heart.’ And so, it was – the SECRET OF LIFE lies within all of us.” (Author Unknown)
God bless and God’s got this!

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