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No matter how young or old we are, Spiritual Growth is very important.  This growth can be achieved in lots of ways.  Through Prayer, Bible Studies, Devotions, Attending Church,  Christian Based Classes, Reading, etc…

We hope that you take time out of your busy life to expand your faith.  We have several links to material to help you do just that.  Or feel free to contact our church staff for more information or guidance.  And most importantly.  As Pastor Bud says “Take time in the Garden”.  Meaning just take time out of your day to slow down, get away from the hectic-ness of life, be still and talk to God like you are talking to your best friend.  Even Jesus took time to do this.

Prayer Requests as of 10/13/2019

  • Dawn Z:  Continued prayers, in the hospital, should be home tomorrow, praying they find some answers to her health issues.
  • Janice S:  prayers for strength and peace, currently at the nursing home.
  • Cheryl B:  hospice, cancer, but at peace and knows where she is going.
  • John R:  just found out he has cancer,  just turned 39.
  • Jan L:  prayers for safe travel, going on a cruise with her daughter.
  • Lorie K:  dealing with recent death of mother and sister, Cindy having health issues.

Today we finished session 1 and read through Revelation 22 and looked at the meaning of this chapter in detail in the Life Application Study Bible

We will not be meeting next Sunday 10/20/2019 but will reconvene on 10/27. We will be starting Session 2 “Why Heaven Matters”

We also found out there is an actual book that goes along with our workbook, we will be ordering more books and workbooks.

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