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Make It Stickmakeitstick

Each week we will be sending home a “Make It Stick” work sheet.  This sheet has a series of  activities for both parents and the students.  Not only does this help support the lessons during Christian Ed. time, but it also helps all our families learn together & grow everyone’s faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We highly recommend that families use these forms.  The teachers only have the students for a short time on Sundays, where as families have much more opportunity to keep the lesson going.  So please take some time to discuss & participate in these activities with your child/ren to help MAKE IT STICK.


We require a student participating in Christian Ed. to be registered.  You can either pick print registrationup a registration form at the church or click on Print Registration Form icon.  This link will open the Registration Form so that you can print out the Registration form.  Then simply fill out the form and drop it off at the church office or return it during C.E. time on Sunday mornings.

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