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Christian Books

kindleThis page includes links to numerous other websites that have published books for online reading.  There are books for all purposes.  Some for bible study, reference materials, training and even recreational reading.  If you are looking for some reading material that will help you grow in your faith, expand your christian knowledge or just love to read.  Please check out these links and find a book that interests you and start reading today.

The Gift Of Christmas by Freeman-Smith

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this collection of reflections and verse will warm hearts and remind readers that Christmas is a gift from the Heart of God.

During the holiday season, we celebrate God’s ultimate gift: His Son. This Christmastime treasury is a gentle reminder of God’s promises and of His love. The Gift of Christmas is filled with heartwarming devotional stories, familiar Bible verses, inspiring quotations, and traditional holiday lyrics.

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NTS Library

Northwestern Theological Seminary and Northwestern Christian University offer the NTS Library.  There are a wide range of books & manuals that cover all aspects of growing in your faith journey.  Click on the link for the NTS Library and see what they have to offer.  For more information on the Seminary & University click on their names to check out their websites.

Christian E-book Download sites

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Bibles Net

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