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Christian Education News


Due to our Safe Sanctuary Policy we ask that parents please do not drop students off for C.E. prior to 9:15 if you are unable to supervise them until C.E. personnel are available.  We do not want children unsupervised, and often many of the C.E. team members are still attending church service at 9:00.  We do make every attempt to arrive in C.E. as soon as possible, but want to be safe.  Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Also, upon pick up, please meet your students at their breakout rooms.  Again for safety, without prior permission, we will not allow students to leave C.E. without an adult or older sibling.  If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact Renee Thomas.


We require a student participating in Christian Ed. to be registered.  You can either pick up a registration form at the church or click on this Registration Link.  This link will open the Registration Form in PDF format.  You can print out the Registration form by right clicking on it once the file has loaded and choose the print file from the pull-down menu.  Then fill out the form and drop it off at the church or return it during C.E. time on Sunday mornings.

Christian Education Coordinator

Sherry Kieler Home: 822-6438 Cell: 778-1556 

Christian Education News


Pajamma Day

Our first day back to Christian Education will be January 7th.  Everyone is invited to wear their PJ’s on this day.  We are going to have some rewards to hand out and we are also taking a field trip to the Food Pantry during class time.  We will be delivering all the food items that were purchased from the
Salvation Store. We, as a group will take them to the food pantry and someone will be there to talk to us and tell us how it works.  All the food will be weighed so it will be very exciting to see how much we will be donating! Extra drivers are needed to help take students to the Food Pantry … If you are available to help please let Renee or Sherry know.  We plan to leave the church at
9:30 AM.


We will start the “Praise Party” curriculum on January 14th.  We will learn about all of the places we can worship God and how everything we do daily is a way we can praise him. 

Penny War

We will be having a penny war in the near future.  Watch for the next newsletter for all the details.  Save those pennies!


Thank You!

Thanks for allowing us to continue to share Jesus’ love with your children.  As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Sherry Kieler or Renee Thomas.

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