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Christian Education News

Welcome Back!
We Start Sept 10th 9:20 – 10:25


Due to our Safe Sanctuary Policy we ask that parents please do not drop students off for C.E. prior to 9:15 if you are unable to supervise them until C.E. personnel are available.  We do not want children unsupervised, and often many of the C.E. team members are still attending church service at 9:00.  We do make every attempt to arrive in C.E. as soon as possible, but want to be safe.  Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Also, upon pick up, please meet your students at their breakout rooms.  Again for safety, without prior permission, we will not allow students to leave C.E. without an adult or older sibling.  If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact Renee Thomas.


We require a student participating in Christian Ed. to be registered.  You can either pick up a registration form at the church or click on this Registration Link.  This link will open the Registration Form in PDF format.  You can print out the Registration form by right clicking on it once the file has loaded and choose the print file from the pull-down menu.  Then fill out the form and drop it off at the church or return it during C.E. time on Sunday mornings.

Christian Education Coordinator

Sherry Kieler Home: 822-6438 Cell: 778-1556 

Christian Education News

Our first day back to Christian Ed. will be September 10th from 9:20 to 10:25 AM. Your children are welcome to join coffee hour after 8:00 AM service. For everyone’s safety we ask that you stay with your children in opening until a teacher is there. Most of our teachers go to 8:00 AM Worship and try their best to get there as soon as they can. We don’t want anyone getting hurt or anyone unsupervised. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

See You At The Pole

This year See You At The Pole will be September 27th. We will meet at the middle school and high school at 7:30 AM and the grade school at 7:40 AM. If there are any students that would like to help lead this with a reading part please let Renee or Sherry know.

Apple Orchards

Please keep in mind the concessions that we will be working at.  If you would like to help please let Renee or Sherry know.  It is always such a fun time and great food.  This is our biggest fundraiser so we need lots of help.  If any youth would like to work we will give some of the money to the youth account to help with costs for future trips.


VBS has come and gone already!  It is always a crazy, busy week but it goes by so fast and we have SO much fun.  We learned more about the Bible, new songs, Bible verses, made some hero crafts and learned some cool science projects during the week. Thank you to everyone that helped make the week such a success.  We couldn’t have done it without any of you.  You are God’s Heroes! 

 We had some heroes of our own visit and tell us what they do.  On Sunday Nate Burkum told us what he does in the Air Force.  He brought in his uniforms to show and told us when he has to go overseas to work he is gone for months and is away from his family.  Nate will be deploying again in August so please pray for him, his fellow troops and their safety.

On Monday Grant County Officer Ben Keller, along with K-9 Riko, came and talked about their job.  He told us how Riko can help find drugs, find missing people and children and goes to work every day with Officer Keller.  He hid Riko’s favorite toy in a filing cabinet and made Riko find it.  Riko found it within seconds and was very happy to have his toy!

On Wednesday firefighter Dan Leffler came and showed us a fire truck and some features on it that helps them do their job.  He showed us all the gear and air tanks they have to wear while trying to put out a fire.  With all that equipment on it adds an extra 70 lbs. that makes is harder to fight fires.

We again thank all of them for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to us and tell us how they are true heroes!  

More VBS Info.

Check out our VBS page for more details on what we learned and to view the video of our program at the end of the week.  CLICK HERE

VBS Offering

Throughout the week we took up an offering which was going to be given to the Grant County Drug Task Force and the Fennimore Fire Dept.  We are so happy to announce that our offering total including the offering we took during our program added up to $453.34.  We are so blessed to have families with such giving hearts.  Thank you to everyone who gave to this mission.  We were able to give the Grant County Drug Task Force and Fennimore Fire Dept. each a check for $200.  We have also decided that we will send Nate and his troop a care package in the fall when he is deployed.  Look for more details in the fall if you would like to donate anything.

Superhero Camynn Bruegmann

We are truly honored to have accepted a donation of $350 in memory of a special superhero in heaven, Camynn.  Camynn’s parents Matt and Courtney along with his sisters Jaelynn and Iralynn gave a donation to Christian Education that will impact many, many youths in the years to come! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtfulness.  Camynn will ALWAYS be a TRUE SUPERHERO in heaven looking over all of us.

Thank You!

Thanks for allowing us to continue to share Jesus’ love with your children.  As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Sherry Kieler or Renee Thomas.

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