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Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Reading devotions on a daily basis is a great way to study God’s Word.  It is one thing to read verses in the bible, but devotions help us take those verses and break them down into smaller pieces and make us really think about what they mean.  Understanding God’s Word is very important for each and every one of us.  Reading devotions keeps us in touch with God and his teachings and helps us to build or expand our faith.   And doing them on a daily basis creates habit.  Everyone of us have habits of some kind.  Some are good and some are bad.  Every one of them where created by some sort of repetition.   Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the habit of reading and studying the Bible.

There are numerous devotions available online or in books.  “The Upper Room” and “Our Daily Bread” are a couple popular devotion resources that you can get online or in written copy.  We have connected with a gentleman by the name of Dave Strehler who is the author of several books focusing on children and youth.  One of his books is a daily devotions book.  He has graciously agreed to allow us to republish his daily devotions on our site.  We started this page, focusing on our Tweens & Confirmation kids.  Our hope was to get the youth in the routine of reading devotions daily and create a positive habit.  We have now realized that we all can benefit from this.  So I challenge you to log on here each day and read and study the Daily Devotion.  Please, just invest 10 minutes or so to read it and truly think about its meaning.

Thank you Dave

I would like to take a second to thank Dave Strehler for his agreement to allow us to republish his work.  Without his commitment to teaching God’s word, the devotions on our site would not be possible.  If you use the devotions and would like to contact Dave to thank him personally or to make a donation to his website.  He can be reached at

Thanks Dave!!

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