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Our Missions

Feb. Mission Emphasis

Feed My Starving Children

Who is FMSC?
Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children® is a Christian non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals for starving, malnourished and hungry people. The prepackaged dry meals—costing less than a quarter each to make—are funded and assembled by donor-volunteers in the United States. Our in-country partners use the food to prevent starvation and curb malnourishment in children and families worldwide. FMSC food has reached more than 70 countries in our history.

FMSC Food:
We have three dried, fortified meal formulas addressing the world’s main hunger needs.  MannaPack™ Rice: Our original food formula consists of vitamin packed flavoring, dried vegetables, soy protein and rice.

MannaPack™ Potato-W: Our “baby food” which meets World Health Org. standards for infants 7 to 12 months contains vitamin-packed sweet potato flavoring, potato granules and soy flour.

MannaPack™ Potato-D: The first and only food for people with severe diarrhea (a leading killer in the developing world) contains a specific sweet potato-flavored vitamin mix which aids rehydration, potato granules and soy flour .

FMSC Costs:
Each MannaPack meal costs less than 25¢ to produce

FMSC Donors:
FMSC is 100% donor funded. Because of our low overhead costs, donations of all amounts go a long way in the fight against world hunger. FMSC devotes more than 90% of total donations directly to feeding kids.

Please consider donating to FMSC. You may also donate your time! There will be a Mobile Pack April 4-6 at the Boscobel Fire Station.

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