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Our Missions

Come For Supper

We continue to serve around 200 people each month and it serves as an opportunity for some to have one good meal all week and others to have a night off from the kitchen, yet others to visit and have fellowship because they’re widowed or single, lonely and enjoy talking with someone.  It’s so much more than a free meal.  For those serving and working it’s an opportunity to reach others in the community, show them our love and support and be witnesses to God’s glory.  We continue to receive donations so that’s an obvious hint to keep doing it.  Without those and volunteers it wouldn’t be able to happen. 

We thank everyone for their generosity and support of Come for Supper.  We do ask that if you haven’t taken part in it, please consider doing so and if you’d like to serve/volunteer please contact Pat Harris, Nancy Wells or Renee Thomas.  We are currently looking for some additional assistance during the afternoons preparing the meal …    Warning, it’s a long day but well worth it, good attitudes are a must. LOL! Its also with joy that we share with you.  We obtained a couple more core group members and we’re thrilled about that.  It takes a lot to make a meal happen and we’re so thankful for assistance we receive.  God bless and thank you!

Nov. Mission Emphasis

Gideons International

Distributing God’s Word Around The World
People are often led to faith in Christ by the truths discovered in His Word. By reading and studying the Bible, these individuals grow in their faith and, eventually, share with others. For this reason, Gideons International focuses on distributing complete Bibles, New Testaments, or portions thereof in over 95 languages and take copies of God’s Word to the world by either personally handing them to individuals or by placing them in select public locations.

Gideons International believes distributing copies of God’s Word plants powerful seeds that God can use according to His own timing (I Corinthians 3:6), allows many to read the truth for themselves (John 8:32), provides a lasting witness (Hebrews 4:12), and makes it easier for those we reach to boldly spread the Good News (II Timothy 2:2).

Areas of Distribution
Members of The Gideons International personally witness and distribute God’s Word to police, fire, and medical personnel; prisoners; military personnel; students in the fifth grade and above; and to those with whom they interact on a daily basis. Scriptures are also placed by Gideons in key locations, such as hotels, motels, hospitals, convalescent homes, medical offices, domestic violence shelters, prisons, and jails.

Changing Lives for More Than 100 Years
The Gideons International began distributing the Word of God in 1908. Today, there are more than 270,000 Gideons and Auxiliary – and an untold number of supporters – in 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe. These dedicated individuals have given their time and money to make it possible for others to learn about the love of God by giving them access to His Word. We have placed and distributed more than 2 billion Bibles and New Testaments around the world.

Please place all mission offerings in the offering envelopes provided in the weekly bulletins, and use the missions line to list amount and what mission it is for, in this case, Local Assistance Fund.  If you wish to give but cannot attend, please send checks to the church office.  All checks should be made out to Fennimore United Methodist Church, with Mission Offering designation marked on the line provided on the check.

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