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In the wake of Harvey and then Irma, we’ve all been saying the same thing, how can we help, what can I do?  I feel helpless!  People are suffering, people need us to help them.  God spoke!  We have a way to help!  We’re able to do two things.

First, if you’d like to make a donation to help Hurricane victims, please make your checks payable to FUMC (Fennimore United Methodist Church) and note HURRICANE on the memo line. We will be sending the donations down to UMCOR and all funds will assist victims.   Financial assistance is the fastest & easiest. 

Secondly, As you may already know we put out a plea for anyone willing to donate specific supplies needed by the mission field in Texas.  Thanks to the outpouring from the Fennimore & Surrounding communities we just about filled a semi trailer in just 3 days.  Trucking of the donations was made possible by Fennimore’s own, Brett Klais (3:23 Express, LLC) and Klemm Tank Lines.  Thanks for making it all possible!!!!!  You are awesome!

This was a huge opportunity for us to be the hands and feet of Christ in a tangible way during one of the greatest natural disasters in recent history. Thanks again to all of you that assisted in making this possible.  With special thanks to Brett Klais & Family for making the trip to deliver everything.

Hurricane Relief Mission Slideshow 

Mission Story from Brett & Natasha Klais 



We continue to enjoy greeting you on Sunday morning and making the most of everyone’s day as they come to FUMC.  If you’d like to assist in making visits enjoyable, join us.  Let Chelsea or Jeff know you’d like to help out. 


To kick off the fall sermon series “I AM SECOND”, the Dream Team will be serving a FREE brunch on Sunday, October 1st following the 8:00 worship service (about 9:00 AM).  Come join us and enjoy good food and fellowship!


We will be having samples of FUMC apparel that maybe ordered to purchase.  The
apparel will be ordered through Embroidery Express.  We are doing this to simply get the Church’s name into the public.  We hope you stop by and see what new items you may want to purchase … and of course, its great to wear to worship as well.


With winter coming, if you’d like to have assistance with parking your car, please pull up to the front door and someone can park your vehicle for you.  We’d love to help out, so you don’t have to walk on snow, ice or be in the cold air.  We’re here for you!


We are again offering confirmation class to those students entering into 7th Grade this year.  Due to the class sizes it will only be 7th Grade, unless there are older students that wish to be confirmed and have been unable to thus far. In that case, please contact Renee ASAP. 

Confirmation will be taught on Sunday mornings during Christian Education time by Robert Kenney and Renee Thomas.  Information has been mailed to 7th Grade Students already. If you did not receive yours, please let Renee or the Church Office know.  Heads Up: Students will be asking for mentors so please give prayerful consideration for that.  If you have questions about mentoring please see Renee or Robert.


You may have noticed we now have an AED machine located in the lobby. We have this fantastic tool thanks to a grant from the Fennimore Area Foundation that was written by Tonya White and Greg Schaefer. The remaining balance was donated by Claudia O’Brien in memory of James O’Brien. Thank You to all involved in the process of getting the AED!

CPR Class

Would you be interested in taking a CPR Class? You never know when you may have to use this useful training! If we have enough interest, we will coordinate a class to be held here at the Church. Please contact Greg Schaefer or Chelsea in the Church Office if you are interested!


We’re kicking off the fall season at church and growing our faith, we’re also preparing our
Connectional Groups. 

What’s a Connectional Group?  It’s a small group of people that get together on a casual level, discuss the topics, share with each other, growth friendships and grow their faith. 

How do you sign up?  You can either sign up one of three easy ways.  Either on the church website (Coming Soon), on your communication card Sunday morning, or let the church office know.  Very easy! 

Does it cost anything?  No, if you’d like to donate toward the cost of the study guide that’s great, but you don’t have to.  The church wants everyone to grow their faith and doesn’t want money to be a stumbling block.  God provides!

October 1st Details:  We’re doing an ALL church lesson starting Sunday, October 1st  entitled “I AM SECOND”Pastor Bud will start a sermon series (teaching lesson) on Sundays for 6 weeks, ending November 5th

The connectional groups will all be based on “I Am Second” and we are offering various different groups (times) to be flexible for people’s schedules.  Depending on how many people sign up for connectional groups we will offer two or three different times.  One on Sundays at 7:15 PM led by Pastor Bud, possibly another on
Sunday nights and possibly one Wednesdays, time and leader TBD.

I AM SECOND provides insight into dealing with typically struggles of everyday living.   The stories will give hope to the lonely and hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled.  We can be filled with hope, peace and love when we are second!

More information is to come, so please check out the church website and at worship.   If you have questions regarding “I Am Second” please contact Pastor Bud or about Connectional Groups please contact Renee Thomas


We are booking a WARCO charter bus for a ONE DAY trip to Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Willow Church is the Church Renee used to attend and also the home Church to Pastor, Author, World Speaker and Teacher Bill Hybels (whom is retiring soon, hence why we want this trip in ASAP)! It is also the Church that Lee Stroebel used to teach at when Renee attended. If you’re not familiar with these gentlemen, google them. They are pretty impressive and the church is even more so.  Check out the church website for more info – 

If we have 50 attendees, bus fare will be $28.00 per person. So, lets fill it up for an experience you won’t regret! If you are at all interested, please let Renee or Chelsea know ASAP so we have an idea how many people would like to attend! 

The tentative itinerary for the day would be — depart from the church in the morning, travel about 3 ½ hours, lunch, tour the church, visit the on site book store, eat at one of the multi choice on site cafés, attend Worship service at 5:30 PM and then return to FUMC (around 11:00 PM).  

WHO:  7th grade to 100 (all ages)

WHAT:  Taking a WARCO charter bus to have lunch then tour the mega church and grounds, browse the church book store, eat at the
Harvest Food Court and attend
Worship at 5:30 PM — then return to FUMC.

WHEN: Saturday, October 28th  We’ll depart from FUMC at 8:30 AM & Returning about 11:00 PM

COST: $28.00 for Bus Fare (if we have 50
attendees), Lunch and Dinner at your expense, as well as pending money at the bookstore, etc.

COMMITMENT and PRE-PAYMENT NEEDED By — Sunday, October 1st to FUMC


Wanted to say how wonderful it is to hear all the talking before and after worship, as well as seeing all the joyful, loving faces staying around to visit.  The fall season is upon us and Church schedule will be changing to two morning Worship Services and one evening.  Please remember, we still LOVE to see the chatting and we welcome that to continue.  We will also be having Fellowship Time (Coffee Hour) between services, from about 9:00 AM until the last people leave.   Thank you for being an AWESOME Church Family!  
Keep up the chatting!  
God Bless, Renee

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