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Prayer Requests

Prayer is very powerful. So as we each spend our time each day with God, please keep the following in your mind and heart. Also remember that we know what some people’s needs are, but others we don’t. So add an extra prayer for everyone, because God knows the needs of each person. If you or someone you know needs to be added to our prayer list fill out this form.

Additional Prayers Requested for:

Jack Reuter Alice Vogel Jeannette Schneidewind
Janis Schellinger Paul Adney Sr. Mission Workers
Jerry Frasier Jamie Wilson Traeson Klais
Dave Faulkner Terry Needham Our Nation
Kathy Kreul Chuck Weist June Klais
Paul Russell Rick Zabel Relationship Struggles
Christoph Gebbard Denny Freymiller Family of Lois Alm
Bob Nelson Doris Schneider Shirley Olson
Wade Eslinger Marilyn Leis Vera Budzinski
Cathy Stephens Marjene Leffler Addiction Struggles
Alex Riemenapp Barb Weist Mental Illness Struggles
Larry Jeidy Bruce Gerhards Gene Stich
Hannah Rosemeyer Carrie Popple Jackson Kafar
Nicky Abler Kathy Neigles Bob Gould
Willie Nagel Andre Keller Randy Morsehead
Shana Doan Lisa Kruser Brendan Budack
Bernard Keller Jim Gay Wilfred Budack
Gloria Fazenbaker John Torgerson Linda O’Kane
Trudie Freymiller Carol Ingrahm  Laurene Hamann
Ann Taylor Kathy Chappell  Bill Ryman
Karen Ryman Dave Lindow Bea Freymiller
Greg Smith Melba Gregory Michael Austin
Stephanie Zingsheim Lance Glasbrenner  Rebecca & Josh Fohner
Palmer Wilson John Lau Edwin Handfelt
Tom Rands Diane Peterson
Brenda Taylor Linda Connley
Ellen Hines Steven Bartlett
Greg Dempsey Virgil Brodt
Dennis Floerke Connie Jackering
 Red Kreyer
Jim Nemo
 Jenny Steffes
Don Ready
David Gundlach
Karen Hanson
John Rector
Sheila Hodgen

 New Births


Prayer Requests

If you have a specific request, fill out this form, and it will be sent directly to our staff.

(Public prayer requests will show up in the newsletter and website)

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