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Vacation Bible School

Here at FUMC we always enjoy Vacation Bible School. It is an extra special time of the year that we get to spend time with the kids from our church and around the community.

2018 VBS Rolling River Rampage

VBS 2018 at FUMC has come to a close.  It was another AWESOME adventure! 

Romper and Captain Renee want to Thank everyone for the dedicated hours put in to make VBS happen.  Rolling River Rampage was a huge success and it couldn’t happen without each and every one of you doing your part. 

We had a total of 95 students registered and an average attendance of 74 students for the week. Our meals feed on average about 110 people each night. We had first time new volunteers that stepped up, and I think, really loved participating as a volunteer for VBS. The rafters (students) learned the bible verses and engaged in the lessons each night.  I still receive videos, from parents, of rafters singing the songs.  That’s when you know they loved VBS and got something out of it. 

Our mission was the Grant County Water Safety, Search and Rescue Team.  Deputy Jareadeu came and spoke to the rafters and did a demonstration, showing them the boat, procedures, etc.  We all found it very interesting and informative.  We presented Deputy Jareadeu with a donation to help with costs of operation.

Weeks prior to VBS when the last minute push is on and the hours are beyond long and working hands are short, you think, “We’re to old for this, are we going to make it” and then VBS starts and the enthusiasm from the students wanting to learn about God and excited to see what we have to offer day after day gives you the energy to make it through. 

Upon completion of VBS our props and decorations are divided and go to four other churches to help them fulfill their VBS weeks. So, VBS doesn’t go away after our week, it’s very much alive and the decorations return to us in about a month.  The work for us isn’t done either. LOL  But all worth it!  Sharing God’s word with younger ones is amazing!  

No job or duty is to menial, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and it went extremely well. 
Thank You, Everyone! 

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