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Being a teen today is very challenging. You may be facing added responsibilities at home, tougher grading policies in school, and your friends may be changing. Grappling with real life issues requires truth, and all signs point to God. Our goal is to help you build spiritual foundations you can rely on for a lifetime and beyond. This is accomplished through sharing your faith, igniting a generation to serve Jesus Christ, growing in the Word and your relationship with Christ, Networking with other teenagers, and Serving God and His church.


Be ready for the fall season.  We will be kicking it off soon, so please chit-chat with your friends and invite, encourage, and maybe even beg them to join us. Try it out!  We will be meeting on a Sunday night each month and have various activities throughout the year. 

Information is coming in the mail for the upcoming year and events.  We will NOT be meeting regularly but doing something with social media.  We realize everyone is busy, but think you’ll like this idea.  

Mark Your Calendars:  

September 1st – School Starts … have a FUN and SAFE year – take God with you always! 

See You at the Pole is Wednesday, September  27th at 7:30 AM at the School Flag Poles. 

Compassion Child

Youth Impact decided to financially & spiritually support a Compassion child.  The youth that went to Planet Wisdom decided to adopt Jeiner Jadith Garcia Sanchez who lives in Colombia South America.  Child Number CO-797-0216.  He lives in an area that has high risk for child rights violations and was a priority child.  This is so wonderful for our young people to feel the need and desire to help another.  So, we decided that each time we meet for IMPACT we would bring $1….$2 each month to help support Jeiner.  However, during the summer months when we don’t meet, we still need to continue support so if you want to pay ahead, please feel free to do so.  Additionally, we want the students to write to him, encourage him, give him verbal & spiritual support.  Those that attended Planet Wisdom got to hear from a compassion child that shared how important that is to the success in their lives.  Please remember to bring your donation to support Jeiner.

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