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Being a teen today is very challenging. You may be facing added responsibilities at home, tougher grading policies in school, and your friends may be changing. Grappling with real life issues requires truth, and all signs point to God. Our goal is to help you build spiritual foundations you can rely on for a lifetime and beyond. This is accomplished through sharing your faith, igniting a generation to serve Jesus Christ, growing in the Word and your relationship with Christ, Networking with other teenagers, and Serving God and His church.

Stay Connected

Join our Youth Impact Group on Facebook.  This is a great way for our youth & leaders to stay connected.  It is a Facebook group to help communication with youth & parents of YOUTH IMPACT students. It is there to offer encouragement to others through devotions. Keep updated on events, activities, fundraisers, meetings, etc. Discussion & Support is only a click away.


We are meeting at church ONCE a month, on the 2nd Sunday from 7:15 to 8:30 PM for IMPACT Youth Group.  Games, Activities, Discussion, Food and Fellowship. 

They year has flown by and hopefully some of you have been enlightened or appreciate the Facebook “Youth Impact” Page.  Its another way to communicate and to get devotions, things to think about, etc. 

Next year we will be looking at meeting monthly and doing an activity quarterly.  We would appreciate feed back PRIOR to the year starting to see what you as the youth would be interested in doing. 

Due to our winter weather in April we needed to re-schedule the Escape Room Trip.  So, it is now scheduled for Sunday, May 6th.  We will be departing from the Church at NOON to go to Dubuque for the Escape Room adventure.  Please let Renee or Sherry know ASAP (by Wednesday) if you are able to go.  We need to book in advance and its $25 per person to go.  Once you commit, you’re going.  We ask students to please pay $10 toward the $25 fee to attend and also bring money for food. We will stop somewhere on our way back.  Please have a snack or lunch prior to leaving at Noon. 

There are options for mission trips this summer.  Please talk to Robert Kenney or Mr. Glasbrenner about the possible Texas trip in July. The Michigan Mission Trip cut off happened already, but I could possibly get someone in if they’re still interested. 

VBS — Please remember we would love to have youth volunteers to help out during VBS week.  The kids like to connect with people that are “cool” like you guys!

Hope everyone has a good finish to their school year and we’ll see you at church!

Senior Breakfast for graduating High School

Seniors, who call FUMC their Church Family, is Sunday, May 6th at 9:00 AM, or immediately following the 8:00 AM worship service.  Thank you to United Friends for hosting this once again this year! There will be NO Coffee Hour on this date and it is also the “FUMC Olympics”. 

Congratulations Confirmands

Wesley Allan Fry: Parents: Chad and Stacy Fry

Tanner Charles Lansing: Parents: Jeremy and Tricia Lansing

Tec Conley McLimans: Parents: Brian and Amber Zart

Brandi Paige Oechsle: Parents: Robert and Cathy Oechsle

Justin Lee Trumm-Nihles: Parents: JJ Trumm and Joey Nihles

Alyssa Marie Schoepp: Parents: Mark and Jennifer Schoepp

Maya Rae Stepanek: Parents: Ryan and Stacie Stepanek

Sydney Florentine Stewart: Parents: Dan and Teri Stewart

Braden William White: Parents: Ron and Tonya White

Natalie Mae Zaluski: Parents: Carl and Dawn Zaluski

Brianna Marie Zimmerman: Parents: Scott and Kari Pierce

Congratulations High School Graduates

Brandy Bender: Parents: Paul Bender and Paula Bender

Brianna Birkett: Parents: Steve and Tina Birkett

Riley Blair: Parents: Josh and Cheryl Blair

Trey Hunt: Parents: Michael and Catrice Hunt

TJ Kenney: Parents: Robert Kenney and Amy Kenney

Tyler Klaas: Parents: Tim and Trisha Klaas

Bailey Kreul: Parents: Jim Kreul and Charlotte Kreul

Tyler Lansing: Parents: Jeremy and Trisha Lansing

Shianna Schultz: Parents: Shannon and Jamie Schultz

Compassion Child

Youth Impact decided to financially & spiritually support a Compassion child.  The youth that went to Planet Wisdom decided to adopt Jeiner Jadith Garcia Sanchez who lives in Colombia South America.  Child Number CO-797-0216.  He lives in an area that has high risk for child rights violations and was a priority child.  This is so wonderful for our young people to feel the need and desire to help another.  So, we decided that each time we meet for IMPACT we would bring $1….$2 each month to help support Jeiner.  However, during the summer months when we don’t meet, we still need to continue support so if you want to pay ahead, please feel free to do so.  Additionally, we want the students to write to him, encourage him, give him verbal & spiritual support.  Those that attended Planet Wisdom got to hear from a compassion child that shared how important that is to the success in their lives.  Please remember to bring your donation to support Jeiner.

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