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“There Are Angels Among Us!”

I posted this story on Facebook and folks commented that I should continue to share this story, so I thought I would begin with the Newsletter.

Just a reminder that there are angels and God’s messengers everywhere and God sends help,
sometimes in unique packages. We recently were traveling back to Wisconsin from North Carolina, needing to get back and probably pushing it more than we should have through heavy rain and winds. We had gotten as far as Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and our van starts making some noises when we touch the brakes. I commented that the heavy rain was probably causing it but it got worse, much worse. It was making noise even without touching the brakes. I pulled into a gas station, lifted the hood, laid on the ground looking underneath and saw nothing. Looked at the front driver side tire and somehow cut my hand bad.
I told Lori I was going into the gas station to see where there was a garage. The clerk said he
couldn’t help me because he had just moved to the area two days ago. I came out and there were three people getting gas, so I decided to ask one of them. One gentleman was driving and old beat up Ford pickup (later told me he paid $19 for it and got it running), long gray beard and hair and
wearing an old Sterling Marlin jacket (old NASCAR). I asked where I could get help and he said there is an auto parts store a few miles down the road. The next things I know he is right behind me as I walked back to the van. He said back that thing up and go forward, I want to hear that sound. I did and he said that is your front driver side brake and it is coming apart. He went on to say that he worked at an Auto Body shop for years and also worked on dirt track cars. He said you be safe and again gave
We made it there, about three miles and the noise was horrendous. I pulled into the Advanced Auto Parts store and told them what was going on and one employee came out, listened and looked at it and he agreed, it was the brakes. He said we do not work on them here – just had the parts. He was thinking about a place that could get us in and I was getting anxious, pretty sure we would be spending the night and stressed about getting on the road.
I looked over at Lori and could not believe it, there was the gentleman from the gas station (was
actually a little eerie at first). He said I was worried about you Wisconsin folks making it here so I followed ya. He then looked at the employee and said, “If it is alright with these folks, you got the tools and parts and I got the expertise, let’s get that tire off and see what we got. We will see if we can fix it right here in the parking lot.”
We all agreed. We jacked the van up, got the tire off and there were no bolts holding the brake
together. Both gentleman said that with all that rain we were lucky we didn’t lose control. He got the bolts in, got everything back together, had us drive the van to listen for noise and everything was fixed, and we were ready to go! That gentleman was and angel and went above and beyond. Never judge someone by their appearance!
One other thing, not ashamed to say that when we got in the van, we looked at each other and both started crying. Just incredulous on how it all worked out. From the moment we stopped at the gas station to when we got back on the road, was roughly an hour. God is so good!
Side note: He was wearing a Louisville Cardinals shirt and said he was going to the scrap yard so he put on a shirt that he didn’t care if he got dirty or ruined. He told me: “Now if something should happen to me as I am fixin’ these brakes, make sure you tell them I am a diehard Kentucky Wildcat!!!!!! LOL!

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