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“The Seven-Mile Miracle”

“The Seven-Mile Miracle”

If you ever want to bring fear to our girls and hear them scream in agony, just say to them: “I understand your Dad is taking a short cut!” Even now, as they are older, they still panic and wonder if they will ever see civilization again. Who needs directions? We will find our way back… eventually! Now we have this wise one telling us directions. “Make a U-turn and continue to the route,” Lori’s smartphone insisted. The GPS was angry with me because we’d pulled off the freeway to get gas. I guess I appreciate the electronic map, but often our GPS misses the point. The GPS does not understand that we cannot drive and drive without stopping. To reach our destination, we need to stop for gas, food, and bathroom breaks. We may also pause to take in beautiful scenery and enjoy the journey. Yet the mechanical voice scolds nonstop, trying to steer us to the target. Many times, I have told Lori to hush that thing because it was getting on my nerves. Plus, it just does NOT like short cuts.

My dependable source of guidance has yet to fail me, I believe. Our girls laugh at me because I am so outdated that I still carry an atlas and maps in my truck. I love looking at them and I can see where I can take a short cut. In all of these years they have not talked back to me or gotten bent out of shape when I do not follow the exact course of action. No, I am not old-fashioned, or traditional – I like what is dependable. Plus, it leads me to new adventures!

I would rather drive the back roads than stay on some highway. It is the spirit of adventure in me, I guess. One never knows what one might discover on the old back roads. Like old Mountain Dew signs, or hole-in-the wall restaurants, or beautiful scenery, or just enjoying a slow drive through the country instead of racing to get to the next place. Now once in a while I do get lost (according to the girls), but I see it as “Not all those who wander are lost!”

However, if we really want to go in the right direction, we need to follow Jesus who will lead us on the right path. Jesus’ first words to the disciples were “Follow Me”. His last words to the disciples were “Follow Me.”

I would like to invite you on a spiritual journey this Lenten season. The midweek Lenten service will focus on the Seven-Mile Miracle and the last seven words of Jesus. Pastor Steven Furtick writes: “Our spiritual journey is not one we take by striking out on our own. We’re following in the footsteps of someone else – Jesus. He’s our trailblazer. He has gone ahead of us in life as a human being, and he has gone ahead to heaven to prepare a place for us there. But Jesus is not just our trailblazer; he’s also the trail itself! When Jesus announced he was going away (to heaven), Thomas said to him, ‘Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’ Jesus answered, ‘I am the way.’ He’s a path, a road, a way. A journey with Jesus, it turns out, is the only way to truly have more of God.””

Jesus’ way is the only one that will get us where we want to go: to life in the presence of the fullness and the beauty of God. Come join us and see your life change.

Pastor Bud

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