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A Message from Pastor Bud

I thought I was going to die. No, I mean it, I
thought I was going to die. I had just woke up
and looked over at the person next to me and
she had a barf bag and was as white as a
ghost. The person next to her was praying and
the gentlemen next to me was excited and
mumbling and saying something to me and I
could not understand a word, but he was
panicked. I looked out the window and … we
are all going to die!
Ok, let’s step back. A friend of mine asked if I
would like to go on a mission trip to Haiti
(1996). I said yes, I would. We flew into Port-aPrince, spent the night, and the next morning
went back to the airport to take a cargo plane
to Cap-Haitien in northern Haiti. All the cargo
was being weighed, including the
passengers. Another team member and I
were next up to be weighed and suddenly two
Haitian men grabbed our arms excitedly and
said that we needed to come with them. Yes,
we were going to have First Class seats 😊. But
no, Bill and I were too large for the passenger
scale (Haitians tend to be smaller), so we had
to be weighed on the livestock scale. Talk
about humbling!
We got the plane loaded, we took off, and I
fell asleep… When I woke up and looked out
the window, I saw nothing but mountain and
we were not going to clear it. I could not
breathe, my chest was tight, and I began to
worry about never seeing Lori, Angela, and our
soon-to-be newborn baby (Brianne) and… I
looked over again at the lady praying. She
was holding a rosary and was at peace and I
started praying. I knew there was no way I
could control the situation around me (other
than me flying the plane and no one would
want that). I had to let go and I just had this
feeling that live or die, either way, my life was
in God’s hands and everything was going to
be ok. Shortly after we were thrown back in
our seats as the pilot gunned it, the plane shot
up, and we cleared the mountain. (To this day
I really believe I could have reached out my
window and touched the mountain top!) We
descended and the plane was shaking (along
with the passengers) but we were ok.
However, as we got close to landing, the sight
of fire trucks and ambulances waiting for us
was not comforting. But in the end, we all
were safe.
“Worry is imagining a negative future that may
never (and likely will never) happen. Jesus
addresses this in the Sermon on the Mount:
‘Who among you by worrying can add a single
moment to your life?’ (Matthew 6:27). He goes
on to say, ‘Therefore, stop worrying
about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry
about itself’ (Matthew 6:34). In other words,
don’t take the things that may or may not
happen in the future and drag them into your
present” (Adam Hamilton, Unafraid).
The message is clear: Worry and anxiety
accomplish nothing, but we can do
something. We can choose a better way. I
think we all need a reminder: Face your fears
with faith. Examine your assumptions in light of
the facts. Attack your anxieties and worries
with action. Release your cares to God. Trust,
trust, trust in that last one. It will be ok.
Like that famous theologian Bobby McFerrin
said: “Listen to a what I say, in your life expect
some trouble, when you worry you make it
double; so don’t worry, be happy; don’t worry,
be happy… Here I’ll give you my phone
number when you’re worried call me, I’ll make
you happy… Ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo” … whoa,
That’s what God is saying. When we are
worried, call on God. We’ve got an open
line! Jesus says cast all our cares upon
God. God will give us peace and happiness
and calmness. Don’t worry…

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