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Perfection Only Through God

One Wednesday night before filming that week’s devotional, I was in the church office when suddenly I heard singing. I dropped what I was doing and listened more carefully and found out it was a voice that I knew fairly well – Pastor Bud. Bud usually makes fun of himself for not being the best singer in the world but it obviously didn’t matter in this case because he was singing joyfully and out loud. When I walked out of my office I met Pastor Bud, who was still smiling, and told him that I enjoyed his singing. He looks at me astonished as we came to an agreement that singing wasn’t always hitting the right notes but was more about the joy put into singing that was the main goal.

Like singing, some Christians believe that our spiritual life must always be pitch perfect and flow with a rhythm that is not only wonderful to the ears but to every sense of the body. If it’s not perfect then it needs to be worked upon. If it is not perfect then maybe it may not be needed because one person that is a pitch off can throw off a whole choir! Who would want that? Perfection is the key and is the only key a person needs.

Of course being perfect in life is not always possible and sometimes we have to live with our imperfections. Even the apostle Paul claimed that his life was full of imperfections and challenges but he did not allow those things to set him back but instead he boasted about them in order to help him progress and move forward as a follower of God. In a society where imperfection often means
set-backs and slowdowns – how can our imperfections be seen as progress?

In 2 Corinthians 11: 16-33, Paul writes about the hardships of his life. From being flogged and being sent to prison, Paul said he was not saddened by these things but boasts about them. By being reminded of his weakness he can concentrate on his faith and why he needs God more than ever before. Suffering in the world only lasts for a little but the grace and salvation found through God lasts forever even beyond the age of the Earth.

So like Bud singing in the worship area – live your life with joy. Bud claims that his singing is not the best but that doesn’t matter as long as you love doing the best that you can in all that you do and in all that you do, you do it for God. Even in the saddest of times and at those times when a person is suffering God can yet be found reminding us that better days are not only ahead but are already with us through his Spirit. Through this we can strengthen our faith. Through this we can better understand God’s grace. Through this we can enjoy true perfection only found in the love of our Creator.

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