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Where Your Heart Is

My cousins and I were playing baseball outside when one of us accidently hit the tennis ball (we played with a tennis ball since they are less destructive when they hit things) into the alley right behind the garage. As we waited for my cousin to retrieve the ball, we soon heard him shout …

“Wow! I found $50 bucks!”

It was soon decided that a couple of us would run over to the Hostess store just a couple blocks away and purchase as much candy as possible with the money and return to share it with everyone else.  Even though the candy and treats tasted great,  it was much later that half of us were sick to our stomachs with way too much sugar, while the other half wished we would have used the money on other kinds of foods instead.

Even though our immaturity led us to the wrong choice that day, the choice that my cousin and I made is not that much different from many of the choices we make today. Many of us work or earn wages and what we do with the money we earn is up to us. Unfortunately, we often decide to use our money on material things that might satisfy us for one second, but become worthless the next. That is that issue with purchasing material things – it may interest us for a little while but once we get bored of it or once it becomes broken, it’s worth to us becomes nothing.

Rather than buy material things, maybe it’s better to use our money so experiences instead. When I say “experiences” I mean something positive or something that can be helpful or fun to others. As we start to wonder what to do with our end of year or Christmas bonuses – why not create a memory instead of adding one thing to the other “stuff” you already have in your life. It may be hard to travel anywhere safely these days but maybe buying tools to fix something with your family will be fun. One year, my Dad took apart our old dresser drawers and my parents and I cleaned and re-stained. That’s an experience that I’ll always treasure and remember.

It’s been proven that people remember unique and fun experiences rather than the joy they received from material things such as clothes or jewelry. Are there times you have to spoil yourself – sure. I’m also a believer that true happiness can only be found with others, even if the only other person is God. These days many people are finding joy walking on trails or enjoying the beauty of nature at the many parks throughout the United States. Maybe that is something for you, especially if you like time by yourself or maybe do not always have a big group of people to enjoy yourself with.

In Matthew 6:21 it reads – “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” May your treasure and heart be with God, family, friends, or your own health. Do not spend time on keeping with the Jones’, but instead spend time keeping up with conversation and prayer. God bless!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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