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September 27, 2022

He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray.” (Matthew 14:23)

Sometimes we just need to get away… for various reasons. To relax, to rest, to recuperate, to meditate, to regroup, to breathe…. There are so many reasons. Where do you go?
I guess I have my own little mountain. It is secluded. In fact, you might walk by and not realize it is there. It is somewhat hidden and it is high up. My wife calls it the Space Station. My cousin calls it an igloo. Some might call it a hunting stand. I call it my mountain, my meditation place. I can go there year around (it has a little heater 😊). It is solitude. It is tranquility. It provides insight and renewal. It energizes me. It is my special place to pray!

“Jesus faced an impossible task. More than five thousand people were ready to fight a battle he had not come to fight. How could he show them that he didn’t come to be a king, but to be a sacrifice? How could he take their eyes off an earthly kingdom so that they would see the spiritual one? How could they see the eternal when they only had eyes for the temporal?
What Jesus dreamed of doing and what he seemed about to do were separated by an impossible gulf. So Jesus prayed.
He prayed for the impossible to happen.
Maybe he didn’t ask for anything. Maybe he just stood quietly in the presence of the Presence and basked in the majesty.
Maybe he lifted his head out of the confusion of earth long enough to hear the solution of heaven. Perhaps he was reminded that hard hearts don’t faze the Father. That problem people don’t perturb the Eternal One.
We don’t know what he did or what he said. But we do know the result. The hill became a steppingstone; the storm became a path, and the disciples saw Jesus as they had never seen him before.
During the storm, Jesus prayed. The sky darkened. The winds howled. Yet he prayed. The people grumbled. The disciples doubted. Yet he prayed. When forced to choose between the muscles of men and the mountain of prayer, he prayed.
There are crevasses in your life that you cannot cross alone. There are hearts in your world that you cannot change without help. There are mountains that you cannot climb until you climb his mountain.
Climb it. You will be amazed. (Max Lucado)

You do not have to really go any place to pray. But it is important to pray. You can pray anywhere. Praying is not limited to certain hours. You can pray any time, have a conversation any time. There is no waiting: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always available. “We were created to have a relationship with God, and prayer is the best place to start.” (John D. Bown) Go climb Jesus’ mountain and, most importantly, pray. Be energized. Be strengthened. Climb.

Not having Jesus is like having a spare tire without a jack. God bless and God’s got this.

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