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Staff & Leaders

Our Staff


Rev. William “Bud” Budzinski
Office Hours: 8:30-noon Monday – Thursday; off on Friday

About Pastor Bud (click)

About Pastor Bud (click)

Pastor Bud is originally from Thorp, Wisconsin and has been married to his lovely wife, Lori (from Appleton, Wisconsin) since September 16, 1989. They have two daughters, Angela (Mexico Institute, Wilson Center, Washington, DC) and Brianne (Western Carolina University). He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UW-Eau Claire (History-English), Teaching Degree from North Carolina Central University and a Master of Divinity from Duke University.
They moved to North Carolina in November 1989 and moved to Fennimore, WI in July 2015. Before becoming a pastor, he taught History, English, Science and Drama. In addition to teaching Drama, has built sets for Henderson Rec Players, Granville Little Theatre and Kirby Theatre and played Mordcha the Innkeeper in Fiddler On The Roof. He has also coached football, softball and volleyball. He served three churches in North Carolina: Plank Chapel UMC (5 years), Salem UMC (8 years) and Faith UMC (5 years). He has led over 50 mission teams, foreign and domestic and was involved with and the Chairperson for Disaster Response for the North Carolina Conference United Methodist Church.
He loves ministry (most of the time) and loves to be outdoors and loves to hunt (especially turkey hunting) and fishing. He also enjoys gardening and is an avid reader, J.R.R. Tolkien and Louis L’Amour being his favorite authors. His most awesome experience is that he visited Easter Island, “It was incredible!”
He is a huge Wisconsin Badger fan, Milwaukee Brewer and Washington Nationals fan and yes, a tremendous, die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan.
Favorite words: Where is God in this?
Favorite saying: I have always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane! (Waylon Jennings)



Associate Pastor

Pastor Yeng Yang
Office Hours: 9:00-noon Tuesday – Friday; off on Monday

About Pastor Yang (click)

About Pastor Yang (click)

My name is Yeng Yang even though my past parishioners called me Pastor Yeng or Pastor Yang. Eventually the name Tou or Pastor Tou might be heard as well and that is fine with me also. I was born in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1980 and both of my parents are Hmong refugees from Laos. My father fought alongside the United States military during the Vietnam War in which he was wounded by a piece of shrapnel during the conflict. Before speaking more about myself I like to share a little bit on how my parents came to the United States.

After the fall of South Vietnam my parents were forced to flee to Thailand since their homeland of Laos had become hostile to any groups that had sided with the United States during the Vietnam War. During this time many nonprofit and Christian groups started to sponsor Hmong refugees to the USA to escape persecution. My parents were eventually sponsored by a Lutheran family in Ohio and in the late 1970’s moved from Thailand to Ohio to begin a new life. Even they would create a new life and family here with eventually consisted of 3 daughters and 3 sons. In the early 1980’s my parents decided to move to Wausau, Wisconsin since many of their family and friends had ended up moving there.

I was 3 years old when my parents moved to Wausau. My parents were already Christians before coming to the United States and enrolled my siblings and I into a Lutheran elementary school while we attended a Roman Catholic Church on Sunday. It was not until I was 12 years old that my family decided to become United Methodist and I have called myself United Methodist since then. My family and I were very active in church activities and it was there at my local church where I learned about The Bible and what it meant to be a Christian.

After high school I worked for a short while but eventually found my way to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where I ended up graduating with a history degree. I planned to enter teaching but wanted to repay my loans before going forward so I moved back to Wausau and found a job at a local factory. I always had a feeling that God was calling me to the ministry but it became even more evident during my time at the factory. Many of my co-workers would comment on how pious I was and said I would make a good pastor. I personally took this as God using others to point me towards professional ministry.

After three years at the factory I decided to enter the pastoral process and entered Garrett Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. My years at Garrett really helped form my theology and my understanding of God’s word and will probably impact me for the rest of my life. As a seminary student I was involved a new church start in Northern Illinois and also was a church intern at a Milwaukee UMC church located on the Southside of Milwaukee.  While at Garrett I was asked by Bishop Jung if I would take my first appointment in Green Bay which I did. I ultimately came to
oversee the growth of two church – one located on the Eastside of Green Bay and the other being in a small rural town called Denmark. Even though both congregation were extremely different they both believed in the power of God in their own ways which helped me to expand my own understanding of God’s love in our lives at the same time. My last appointment was at Agape UMC in New Berlin in which I served for a year and a half.


Administrative Assistant

Chelsea Wanek-Bedward
Office Hours: 8:00-noon Monday – Friday

About Chelsea (click)

About Chelsea (click)

Chelsea was born and raised on a dairy farm outside of Blue River, Wisconsin along with her three older brothers. She is a newlywed (May 22, 2016). Her husband Cory works full time at Energy Management Consultants here in Fennimore, does maintenance on approximately 50 apartments and has lots of side ventures. Cory and Chelsea reside in Boscobel.

Chelsea greatly enjoys being with her family, whether it is attending her nephew and niece’s sporting events, or just gathering together at her parent’s farm. Chelsea also enjoys kayaking, four wheeling, fishing and playing with her dogs Fraser and Mia.

Chelsea graduated from Riverdale High School in 2006 and continued her education at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. There she obtained a degree in both Marketing and Business Management. Chelsea has worked various jobs before finding her home here at FUMC. Chelsea has a heart for helping people. She is very grateful to be working at FUMC with an awesome group of people and being part of the “church family” from the beginning.

Chelsea’s journey in faith began as a child. Her family attended a non-denominational church for many years before finding their way to BMZ in Boscobel. This is where she really started to “grow”. Chelsea has volunteered as a WNSS assistant (Wednesday Night Sunday School), BMZ Kidz assistant and VBS leader. She also traveled to Jamaica and spent time working at West Haven Orphanage which houses developmentally and physically disabled individuals (most of them being adult aged). The answer is yes, she wanted to take them all home with her. This experience opened her eyes immensely! God is not finished with her yet, and continues to guide her on new adventures!

Multimedia & Technical Director

Derek Freymiller 

About Derek (click)

About Derek (click)

Derek was born and raised right here in Fennimore, WI. His journey in faith started with his Grandma Bea, as she would take him to the old Methodist Church on Jackson street. Derek was involved with the church as a child all the way up into his college years.

Certain things Derek has been involved with over the years has been Vacation Bible School, Youth Trips, Fish Fusion and Christian Education. The Methodist Church has been a very important part in creating and influencing who he is today. He is incredibly happy to put forth his skills and strengths and contribute to the Church that helped him grow up.

Derek went to School at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville where he received a BS in Communications with a Major in Broadcast Production and a Minor in Public Relations. Derek is also a full time Jailor/Dispatcher with the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department.

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Catrice Hunt

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Julie Baumgartner


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