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Adult Christian Ed.

Seeking the Truth Bible Study


Facilitated by Glen and Christine Klais

Meets in the Library on most Sundays between services 9:15-10:25

Open to all, do not need to come every week.  Great discussions!

No matter how young or old we are, Spiritual Growth is very important.  This growth can be achieved in lots of ways.  Through Prayer, Bible Studies, Devotions, Attending Church,  Christian Based Classes, Reading, etc…

We hope that you take time out of your busy life to expand your faith.  We have several links to material to help you do just that.  Or feel free to contact our church staff for more information or guidance.  And most importantly.  As Pastor Bud says “Take time in the Garden”.  Meaning just take time out of your day to slow down, get away from the hectic-ness of life, be still and talk to God like you are talking to your best friend.  Even Jesus took time to do this.

No Bible Study until further notice.


Prayer Requests as of  3/15/2020:

Prayers for:

  • people to take advantage of this time to spend with family, sharing time together, playing games, having fun, etc.
  • for healing of individuals/families dealing with the virus, for healthcare workers, for our economy, for businesses.
  • For more people to join our bible study to learn about the Armor of God and how prayer is so effective in our fight against the evil in this world.
  • Connie N:  praying for healing of her shoulder from recent surgery, she is doing well.
  • Nancy W – cancer per Connie N. prayers for healing, strength, and perserverance.
  • Kyle, ankle surgery per Sue H.
  • Glen K: R shoulder and both knees – arthritis
  • Sheila H:  Another set back, another sore, possibility of going back into the nursing home. Continued prayers for her to get the help she needs from family and friends and for her to feel God’s presence in her life.
  • Brenda S, friend of Linda P, she has passed on, praying for Linda, Brenda’s family dealing and coping with her death.
  • Dawn Z:  Continued prayers for health issues.
  • John R:  Cancer, prayers for healing
  • Jan L:  cont. prayers for her sister, Kate for answers to her health concerns, discovered auto immune disease, and now has Shingles.  Husband, Bob – hip surgery March 2nd, which went well, he is now home, prayers for healing and for Jan to be at peace caring for Bob.
  • Jan L’s daughter, Holly’s friend whose husband was having some health issues, live in Florida, praying for their faith and belief that there truly is a God!  Ask Jan, she will tell the incredible prayer story.
  • Lorie K:  prayers for sister, lung cancer and prayers for Lorie, just struggling in general with life.  Having some difficulty with her mother’s house.  For selling her Mother’s house to a good family.
  • Larry and Carol J:  health issues for Larry and daughter, Karen, along with great grandchildren twins which are getting stronger everyday, thanks for your prayers.
  • Families that have loved ones that don’t know the Lord or don’t want to have a close relationship with him.
  • Prayers for our pastors and leaders for strength, hope, and love from the Lord, for protection against evil, for their families, for their health, and for their hearts and minds to be open to the Lord’s leading.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!


Have a great week and pray!

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