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Let Every Heart Give Thanks!

A rich person with a thankless heart reeks with poverty, but a poor person with gratitude possesses great wealth. After all, that is where real thanks comes from. Thanks from the head or lips may be polite; but it is the heartfelt thanks that rings true and warms the heart that receives it. Moreover gratitude is the test of character. Shakespeare tells us that the winter wind is not so unkind as people’s ingratitude. The wind may chill the body, but ingratitude chills the soul. Of course there may be some who say, “I have nothing for which to be thankful.” Such a one is poor indeed. These words flow only from a poverty-stricken heart– unhappy, bitter, jealous, covetous. Did you ever notice that it is the poor who are often more thankful than the rich? The reason is that they count their blessings. They have God’s sun and air, health, and life, and loved ones; the things that make life rich indeed. Thanks is not measured by the amount of our possessions. It’s the person with a thankless heart who is poor, and it’s the person with a thankful heart ... Read More »

Supporting The Increase

It is a dream come true, for the majority of our Congregation, to see that with God’s help, we have all, working together, turned things around. The Church has been growing, and indeed flourishing. We have a solid future, with lots of kids, youth and young couples, who have become quite active. We are blessed to have middle aged and older members, who encourage and support our younger members, by continuing to be active in the life of our Church, even as things greatly change. The fact is that many churches do not allow young people to become involved, and give leadership. The middle aged and older, more often than not, protect their turf, and do not want to see “our church” change. It is why many churches have NO future, and are slowly but surely dying. I am so delighted to be the Pastor of this Church, that is allowing the Family to expand. We have a future, and isn’t that awesome! I am so proud of all those middle aged and older who don’t push the young out, or quit themselves, but instead adapt and work with them. ... Read More »

Having Your Priorities Straight

Having Your Priorities Straight— A Mission Story Several years ago, one of our Fennimore United Methodist members went back to work, as a professional Social Worker, after five years of being off, due to health problems. I found it interesting, as her pastor, to hear her say that her first priority, concerning her pay, would be to support an Appalachian child, with dormitory support, to enable them to go to school, in Kentucky. Her favorite mission has always been Red Bird, a United Methodist Missionary Conference in Kentucky. Red Bird school provides education for grade school through high school, for Appalachian children. The school is dependent upon the support of members of the United Methodist Church, at large. It receives no funds from the state, and is privately run, staffed by administrators and teachers that come from all over the country, as missionaries to Red Bird. It is a unique and awesome mission program. Many children live in remote mountain regions, where school busses do not go. These children would remain uneducated, but for the fact that Red Bird has a dormitory program, so they can come, and stay and ... Read More »

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