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Fellowship Groups

What is a fellowship group?

It is a group of people that get together to talk, have a brief devotion, eat/snack, do an activity or play a game.  The main focus is the christian fellowship, which helps each of us to grow spiritually as individuals and as groups.  Each group is different, but has the same purpose.  Taking time out of our busy schedules to enjoy life a little, share and be with other Christians.  Its how deep, loving friends can be formed.  If you are interested in joining a group, contact the church office, talk to Pastor Bud or one of the contacts for the group you are interested in.  Current active groups are as follows.

Unshakable Hope Small Group

Fennimore United Methodist Church

4 Weeks

Sunday at 7:15 PM (beginning on October 6)

Wednesday at 6:3 0 PM (beginning on October 9)

Week 1: Joy is Coming Soon
Week 2: You Will Have Power
Week 3: There is No Condemnation in Christ
Week 4: Justice Will Prevail

You can sign-up via your Communication Card, by calling the Church Office at (608) 822-6797 or by e-mailing the Church Office at


Contact: Carl or Betty Austin 608-822-3332 Typically meet one Sunday evening each month. Longest Running Fellowship Group in our church. Age Range 50s-70s

Christian Fellowship

Contact: Dick Carlin 608-822-6692 Typically meet one Sunday Night each month. Age range 60s-80s

Christian Friends

Contact: John Schrader 608-822-6640 Typically meet one Sunday Evening each month. Smaller Group. Age range 40s- 50s

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