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Use of multimedia is a fast growing aspect of worship in today’s churches across the globe.  Technology plays a very significant role in the lives of the majority of people now days.  Today’s younger generation has grown up around multimedia via mobal music & video divices, computers and cell phones.  By incorporating these different media tools into worship and the church, it will be much easier to connect with those individuals.  Here at FUMC we are working hard to add as much of this as possible to our church worship and outreach programs.  We will use whatever tool is necessary to reach those individuals, where ever they are at in life.

Some of the Multimedia formats we use are listed below.  If you would be interested in being involved with the Multimedia Team here at FUMC please contact the Webmaster or the church office.  There is a wide variety of programs that you can be involved with and we would love to talk to you about how you too can worship God through participating in these areas.

  • Worship Videos
  • Projection
  • Website
  • Video Recordings
  • Sermon Video/Audio
  • Music Videos
We have a media crew that runs the cameras & recording system for our worship services each week.  We have recently updated to a digital system.  We now make DVDs of the service which are taken to members that are unable to attend church do to health issues. We have several people that have these delivered to them each week. This also allows us to use the video on line.  We are now posting the full Worship Service videos on line so that they can be watched at any time.  This video is usually updated by the following day do to the amount of time needed for conversion and upload.
We also have a media crew that handles projection during all of our services. We project images, videos, slideshows and text for songs & prayers through out the entire service. The use of projection enhances the service and allows everyone to follow along on the video screen if they prefer to.  It also allows us to view videos as part of our sermons or to highlight special events.
We have built this website for 4 different purposes. Those purposes are as follows. For our members to use as an additional communication tool. We can use it to see up coming events, announcements or to get additional information about activities at FUMC or the community. It can help us stay connected to the church even when we are not there. We can also use it as a tool to help us grow spiritually by checking out the daily bible verse, bible reading plans, Bible lookup feature or even testing our knowledge of the bible on the bible trivia page.

Secondly, our website is kind of like our front door for individuals that are new to the area, just passing through and looking for a place to worship or maybe just looking for a new church family.  Our site will give them a good idea of what kind of Christian family we are and what we have to offer. They can check us out online so they are familiar with us before they even walk through the door. First and foremost we offer God’s Love to each and everyone that enters FUMC and we want to extend that to this site also.

The 3rd purpose was not in our original plans, but has proven to be very popular to those visiting our site.  That is to be a resource for people just like us from across the country or world that are looking for ideas or guidance in all aspects of our christian life.  This can be someone looking for some ideas for Sunday School, youth group, UMW activities.  Or maybe just looking for someone to pray for or to pray for them.  Just as we reach out to others for assistance.  We are more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

The last purpose is probably the smallest portion of viewers, but by far the most important. That is for Outreach.  This is to reach out to those that have not accepted God as their savior. These may be non-believers that are possibly looking for an answer to what Christianity really is and who God is. We want them to feel comfortable with our online environment and pray that they seek answers to their questions and then seek God and allow him into their heart and life.  The most important work we can do for God is to bring another person to know Christ as their Savior.

FUMC is a Christian family that is made up of people from all walks of life.  We simply love our Lord and want to worship him with all that we are and to spread his Love and word to everyone that we meet. When someone that is wondering “What’s this God stuff all about?” checks out our website out of curiosity.  They will hopefully get the message that God loves each and everyone of us and that he wants to be a part of their life. We do the best that we can to use this site to reach all people and to help them grow in their Christian faith.

We record a lot of the different performances of the different choirs, and special activities here at FUMC. Some of the videos have been added to this website so that people can view them individually. This allows friends and relatives to see the performance even if they are across the country. We plan to continue to add these when available.
We have videos of the sermons each week and have them on the Sermon page here on the website. This allows anyone to watch just the sermon or even watch it over again to focus on the message. We are considering adding the audio file of the sermons again.  These would be available along with the video.  This would allow people with weaker internet signals to at least listen to the sermon.  If you have issues with the videos pausing, during playback.  Weak signal would be the cause of this.  If you would like us to add the sermon audio back onto the Sermon page, please feel free to contact the webmaster and let us know.  We are looking at what the additional expense would be to create a virtual storage place for the audio files.  If there is enough requests for this it will help us justify the additional expense.  .
A large portion of our media is Christian music videos. We view a lot of videos that are accessible on the Internet. We incorporate videos like these during worship, special events, Christian Education and youth group. Check out out the Random Video on the right hand side of the page to check out some of the awesome videos that we love to use. Each time you open this page it will load a different video. We thank all of the creators for the use of these videos. All credit for the audio and video goes to the original creators and artists.

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