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Prayer: How It Improves Our Physical and Mental Health

Prayer and religion are a large component of the lives of many people all around the world.  Prayer involving a God who is forgiving and loves unconditionally can be beneficial to both our physical and mental health.  The connection and sense of optimism that comes with praying, are key to improving our health and making our lives better. 

The connection through prayer to something greater than yourself strengthens emotional health.  Prayer provides social support through God and your church.  You can be content in knowing that someone is listening and you can count on your church community to be there when you need them. 

There is a sense of meaning and of peace that happens when we pray.  This reduces stress and calms the cardiovascular system.  Faith and trust in God helps us stress less and ease our troubles. 

Prayer helps you cope with problems that may arise.  Spirituality and prayer are tools we can use to deal with difficult or unexpected situations.  Regular prayer can lessen the symptoms of depression when dealing with a tragic event, by providing hope to hang onto.  With hope and optimism, you can make it past the difficult days and find peace again. 

Positive attitudes are good for your health and prayer tends to foster them.  People who pray about and are optimistic about their chances of recovery from a sickness or major disease, are more likely to follow a doctor’s treatment plan and have quicker recovery time.  They will also be less frustrated by the symptoms than non-believers would be.

Prayer can also make you a more forgiving person.  Praying for an enemy or someone who hurt you makes it more likely that you will be able to forgive that person.  Instead of holding onto or bottling up animosity, praying people get that baggage off of their chest and hand it to God.  This eases stress and anxiety about interpersonal issues and relationships. 

Praying also helps recovering addicts avoid relapses.  Addictions come in many forms.  But no matter what the problem is, prayer can be a peaceful distraction when an urge to relapse occurs.  Praying for strength can help you walk away from a bad situation and give you enough resolve to continue on the path of living free from the addiction. 

Anxiety disorders are also positively affected by prayer.  Praying can be a calm, proactive approach to quelling anxiety because it fosters self-value and peace in the moment.  Praying teaches you not to stress or worry when you are putting your problems in God’s hands. 

Alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression are important accomplishments of prayer that contribute to a healthy mind and body.  Taking care of these issues can lessen the possibility of getting stress-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, ulcers, and migraines.

Spirituality and prayer are excellent ways to maintain positivity and peace in your life.  Everyone may practice differently, but praying for and with your community can be a truly enriching experience.  The optimistic outlook you will gain on your life will be priceless.

By: Jason Lewis


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