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United Methodist Women

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Our Purpose

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God, and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the Church.


The emblem of the United Methodist Women affirms our continuity as women organized for mission. Its symbolism affirms our continuous growth and renewal. The emblem of the United Methodist Women, as well as that for the church, combines the cross and the flame symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The cross and flame are ancient symbols of the church, dating back to the day of Christ and Pentecost. Each evokes images of sacrifice, witness and service. Both remind us of the opportunities and obligations of discipleship. Paul’s ancient words to Timothy have fresh and contemporary meaning: “…I now remind you to stir into flame the gift of God which is within you.” (II Timothy 1:6) As part of the emblem for the United Methodist Women these symbols remind us of our PURPOSE of helping women to grow as persons in community in their understanding of and willingness to participate in the global mission of the church. These also remind us of our heritage, women who pioneered in service for the church at home and abroad and in organization of women for mission service and support in many areas of need. The shape of the emblem is likewise symbolic. It is fluid and free flowing, suggesting change and mobility. As organized groups of women, this has been our heritage often as the forefront of movements for change, at times supporting the projects initiated by others, but always aware of the times and striving to move with them rather than be overwhelmed by them. The cross, the flame and the individual with her abilities and opportunities — all are elements of the 21st Century movement for United Methodist Women.

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